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Henderson Bringing 28 Different Types of Toys to Nescatunga

Phil Henderson, a crafter from Enid, will be bringing his handmade toys of wood and handmade puppets to the Nescatunga Arts Festival on June 4 in downtown Alva.

Henderson said he makes 28 different toys and crafts including acrobatic toys, climbing toys, skill toys, planters designed to be able to watch plants grow above and below ground, stick horses, sock puppets, stilts and lots more.

“We put at least one of everything out on display and encourage everyone, young and old, to play with and experience them,” Henderson said. “We put a new twist on some old ideas. Many people tell us of memories they have playing with and using similar things when they were younger. No batteries are needed; these toys help develop imagination and hand-eye coordination.”

Henderson, who is retired and has had some type of woodworking shop for more than 40 years, said he makes these toys as a combination hobby and a way to bring in extra income.

“I have done craft shows for about eight years, but settled on the toys about four or five years ago,” he explained. “I found I enjoy bringing these older style toys to today’s kids and the memories older people share about playing with them when younger. I have always enjoyed woodworking and have made many of the things in our home and our kids’ homes.”


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