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Sisters to Bring Artwork to Nescatunga, Metcalf also in Sugar Show

Sisters Megan Moore of Ames and Amanda Metcalf of Enid will be bringing their artwork to display at Nescatunga. Metcalf is entered as a student in both Fine Arts and the Sugar Show where she will be competing with cupcakes.

Moore has entered the Fine Arts categories of oil and acrylic painting, watercolor painting, mixed media and photography.

She is a former member of the NWOSU Art Society and said she learned many things from fellow members like various techniques in drawing, painting and photography.

She said her biggest inspiration is nature because it’s naturally beautiful.

“I find doing art is relaxing, and it helps express my likes and feelings,” Moore said.

Metcalf is a student completing a degree in music education.

Art has been a huge passion of hers since she was about 5 years old. She loved drawing her favorite animals and plants. Later, her passion for drawing grew. She began to draw her favorite cartoon characters and would convert her friends into cartoon characters. Her anime inspiration grew in her teens.

Metcalf’s family was so impressed how she could just look at a picture and draw it, and it would look exactly like the picture. No tracing!

As a senior in high school, she developed a knack for seeing the beauty of photography and served as part of her school’s yearbook committee. For college, she first chose Northwestern as her home, the NWOSU Art Society became her new family. The group helped her grow even more by finding her passion for cupcake decorating. She took that inspiration and brought it back home to Enid.

“Fine Arts has a purpose in everyone’s life,” Metcalf said. “Drawing is a motivator for me because I hope to one day make a graphic novel for everyone to enjoy. I also hope to own a little bakery of my own so everyone can enjoy the yummy treats I make. I hope to grow more as an artist with everyone’s guidance and wisdom. I wouldn’t be the artist that I am now without my friends and family!”


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