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Tulsa Artist Bringing Earth-Inspired Jewelry to Nescatunga

Heidi Kemp with Violet Inspirations of Tulsa is entered in the Designer Arts & Jewelry category. She said her work is is “Earth-Inspired Jewelry for the Adventurous Soul. Natural stones wrapped and woven in sterling and fine silver and copper.”

Kemp said that her crafting “obsession” began with her great-grandmother, Violet.

“During one of our visits, she gave me a knitting board and a little book that gave instructions for knitting, tatting and crochet,” Kemp explained. “I taught myself how to crochet in third grade, and since then I've delved into many crafts - quilting, sewing, embroidery, knitting, and about six years ago wire weaving.”

While living in Mississippi, Kemp said she was accepted into the Craftsmen's Guild and participated in various art shows and festivals across the state. Since moving to Tulsa two years ago (right before Covid hit), she said she has been excited to explore new shows and festivals and meet Oklahoma artisans.

“Creating is my passion and brings me great joy,” she said. “My hope is you'll see that joy in each of my pieces.

Kemp’s work may be found at Violet Inspirations on Etsy and at the same name on Instagram.


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