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Early Registration Fee Deadline May 3. All payments for early registration must be received by May 3 or postmarked by May 3.
All late registration payments must be made on the same day of registering or postmarked on the day of late registration.

Payment is non-refundable unless events are canceled.

3rd Nescatunga Sugar Show Registration Info & Form

NEW: -- Sugar Show Bake Section on Friday:

Four Categories: Fruit Pie; Homemade Bread; Sweet Breads (i.e. muffins, cupcakes, loaves, cinnamon rolls, etc.); Fudge/Candies

Sugar Show Cake Section on Saturday:

Theme:  "Milestones"

Three Categories -- Sugar Art, Decorated Cake (edible or non-edible dummy cake), and Decorated Cookies.

Decorated cakes should have AT LEAST two tiers. There should be no less than one dozen cookies.

The contest takes place in the Alva Recreation Complex. No smoking, chewing tobacco or vaping allowed.

See Sugar Show Info page for more details at

Food:  Food Trucks will be selling food outside of the building both days. Our “gourmet food booth” of special baked items will be available on Saturday until sold out.

Food Labeling requirements: Must have ALL of the following in a minimum of 10-point font and must be affixed to the container or placard near the food at point of sale.

  1. Name and phone number of producer

  2. Physical address

  3. Description of homemade food product

  4. Ingredients in descending order by weight

  5. Statement indicating the presence of any of 9 big allergens (egg, milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, nut, shellfish, fish, sesame)

  6. Legible print stating:

    1. “This product was produced in a private residence that is exempt from government licensing and inspection.”

Opportunity to Showcase Your Work in Gourmet Food Booth: We're asking all those who enter the Sugar Show to consider donating to our Gourmet Food Booth. These items will help us raise funds for the festival and other activities. You may put your business card/contact info on your items at this booth for patrons to know who to contact to order from you! Deliver these items by 8 a.m. Saturday to the Gourmet Food Booth in the large main vendor area.

Festival Photography:  We'll be taking photos and videos at the festival of the competition as well as those browsing the area, so you may be in them. Your attendance grants your permission to be included in these images, which we may use for promotional purposes on the web or in print.

Parking:  Closer on-site parking is available for registration and unloading only.  Please move vehicles to a further away parking area during the festival to allow patrons spaces to park. Assistance is available to set up upon request.

Lodging: Check out the places to stay in Alva via the Alva Chamber of Commerce website:

FYI: Exhibitor fees, food truck fees, and Nescatunga Arts and Humanities Council membership fees all help us to provide scholarships to fine arts students, fund the festival and for other activities. We list an option below where you can become a paid Nescatunga Arts and Humanities Council member for $25.00.

​This project is sponsored by Nescatunga Arts and Humanities Council, Inc. in cooperation with the Alva Chamber of Commerce, City of Alva Tourism Committee, City of Alva and Alva Rec Center. Please watch for updates/changes to Nescatunga Arts Festival via our Facebook page ( and website ( Questions may be directed to

May we text this number?
I am entering as a
Entering Cake/Cookie Category Entering:
Entering Bake Category Entering:
Upload Word/PDF About Entry/Yourself
Upload JPG of artwork
Upload JPG of artwork
Upload JPG of artwork

You may send additional information and photographs for publicity purposes by emailing

Our early registration deadline date is May 3. The rate for the first category will double after this date.

Please make your selections below. One category is $25.00 ($50 after May 3). Additional categories are $15 each.

Make your selections, then add up the costs to make your payments to Nescatunga Arts.

Please mail a check payable to Nescatunga Arts and Humanities Council to:

Nescatunga Arts Festival

P.O. Box 152

Alva, OK 73717

We also will accept payment via PayPal using this link:

If it asks what email is associated with this PayPal account, use

Payment must be received to be considered a registered vendor.

Please let us know a business name if paying with a different name than listed above so we know who to credit with payment.

Please check the boxes to complete your registration.

Thanks for your registration!

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