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Birdhouses from Repurposed Wood, Silver/Turquoise Jewelry to Make Nescatunga Appearance

A Dacoma crafter who creates birdhouses from repurposed wood and a silversmith artist originally from Waynoka who creates beautiful jewelry will have booths at the 51st Nescatunga Arts Festival on June 4.

Dacoma Crafter Creates Birdhouses from Repurposed Wood

Bill Hartsuyker of Dacoma creates birdhouses from repurposed wood as well as wooden signs with family last names from new lumber.

Hartsuyker and his wife Donna will be bringing a number of these items to the Nescatunga Arts Festival and will be set up among the crafters.

Hartsuyker said the repurposed wood comes from old houses that he has torn down himself or from pallets.

He explained that he resurfaces the wood and glues it together before sawing it into the dimensions needed.

“I sand, then screw, glue and nail where needed, then sand more using various grades of sandpaper and several sanding steps,” Hartsuyker said. “Then, I apply a coat of primer paint, then lightly sand, then apply three to four coats of quality exterior paint. After that, three coats of polyurethane is applied, and then hanging eyes are installed.”

Homegrown Artist Bringing Silversmithing Talents to Festival

Sara Eggleston Warnick is a homegrown artist from the Waynoka area and coming home for the Nescatunga Arts Festival is special for her.

Warnick, who now lives in Blanchard, is a silversmith entered in the Designer Arts and Jewelry category within Fine Arts with her handmade jewelry of silver, turquoise and other gems.

She was raised in this area on family land that had sand plum bushes. Because of this, Sand Plum Soul Designs was born. She creates authentic, handmade designs with a “modern turquoise” style.

“It’s my roots, my family, my soul; a soul who is obsessed with turquoise and design,” Warnick said.

She wanted to thank everyone who supports local businesses and makers, small shops and handmade products.


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